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Green View 40x30 *Framed!

Green View 40x30 *Framed!

Landscape-Green View

Many sheer layers are repeatedly wetted and soaked onto the raw canvas to create and reveal the formation of mountains and water reflections. The results achieved through this patient and slow process is meaningful and worth it in of itself.

Bring new colors for a new season to make your place inviting and comforting with this refined and warm, earthy toned meditative landscape.

  • Size 40X30" (inch)
  • acrylic on raw canvas
  • 0.75"canvas
  • Wooden frame included.
    3/4 wide,1.5 deep(Side), The frames are made out of genuine, high-grade MAPLE. With their beautifully muted grain and organic warmth.
  • Wired on the back and ready to hang. 

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  • Free shipping within the US : Ships in a box
  • For international shipping: Ships in a tube 
    Depending on your region, this painting can only be delivered in a tube. If you would like a delivery including a frame, please contact me by e-mail for an accurate delivery cost estimate. 
    (please note that customs duties may be added after shipment arrival in your country. We are not responsible for customs duty/tax fees that may be applicable to your country.)
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