Find the color and style that inspires your space
Find the color and style that inspires your space
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Welcome to Shina Choi Art Shop!

I am a Bay Area-based artist, originally from South Korea. I am also a wife and a mother of two children and I am now opening a new chapter in my life.
Since I became a mother, I have been doing my best as a full time mom.
Nowadays when I concentrate on painting, I feel like I've found me again. I am very grateful and happy to be able to do what I love.
I love the magical effects of color.
Color plays a major role in my daily life.
I believe that color and artistic elements are a great influence on the human emotion and soul.
In this pursuit, I try to make paintings that make you feel better, and painting is a great way of healing for me.
It would be the ultimate reward if people view my paintings and feel the same sense of healing!

I get inspiration of colors and shapes from various aspects of nature such as:
trees, flowers, forests, sky, horizon, light, shadow, lake, sea and islands.
My philosophical concept is based on metaphysical thinking. I admire the infinite universe.
This perception of transcendence leads to a thought about existence that I then express onto canvas.
Metaphysics is in the mind of the observer.

It was in the fifth grade that I began to pay serious attention to art. I wanted to go to art high school, I prepared for practical exams during middle school, and went to Art high school. I then graduated from the acclaimed Hong-Ik University which is known as the top art and design school in Korea.

After completing my art education, I taught students at the Art Institute.
When I was in my early twenties, I was interested in trendy fashion so I worked at a fashion company as a Visual Merchandiser, and worked in online clothing stores for many years.
As I entered and exited my twenties,
I felt compelled to leave my life in South Korea and live in another country where I could experience something new within a different culture.
So, I went to London to study English and traveled throughout Europe.
The sights and artistry I experienced during this period opened me up to a new world in a myriad of colors that would change my life forever.

My eventual journey has brought me to the US.
Is my journey over? Or has another journey in life begun?
You can now join me on my new artistic life journey!