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Serendipity in Flow *48x36

Serendipity in Flow *48x36

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Serendipity in Flow
This artwork evokes a harmonious flow reminiscent of a melodic rhythm, created by various layers overlapping in a balanced manner and filling the canvas with shapes.
From delicate pale peach tones to lively ivory beige shades, intertwined with subtle yet captivating combinations of colors such as ash blue, terra cotta orange, mustard yellow, brown, dark green, and black, it captivates the sight.
When assigning titles and meanings to my abstract works, I interpret it as a process towards inner insight and enlightenment.
'Serendipity in Flow' signifies the moment when one drifts through a profound flow of senses and thoughts, only to suddenly realize a message from the higher self, appearing before them seemingly by chance.
It symbolizes that moment as a lucky present, much like serendipity, from the universe.
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • Canvas Size 48x36
  • This artwork is classified as an oversized package, Therefore, it offers two shipping options: tube and box. Please refer to the shipping info below.

Shipping info  

  • Rolled in Tube: The artwork will be taken off the canvas stretcher bars, rolled up, and placed in a mailing tube for shipping. (Upon receipt, you can take it to a nearby frame shop for re-stretching.)
  • Ship in Box: The artwork will be shipped in its original condition, packaged in a box with hanging wire attached to the back, ready to hang.
  • International shipping: Ships in a tube 
    Depending on your region, this painting can only be delivered in a tube. If you would like a delivery including a frame, please contact me by e-mail for an accurate delivery cost estimate. (please note that customs duties may be added after shipment arrival in your country. We are not responsible for customs duty/tax fees that may be applicable to your country.)
  • All sales are final
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Payment Options    

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